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I'm Freelance artist from Chile creating on

traditional and digital mediums.


I've been painting digitally for over 15 years, my style is mainly impressionist, and in the latest years I have began to dive more into traditional art using acrylics.  Some of my traditional pieces are also digitalized into a "new" pieces, merging the analogue with the digital

In 2021 I entered the NFT world and I have minted original works on different platforms such as MakersPlace and OBJKT. Recently I've been also exploring and creating with AI technology.

On this website you can find my portafolio and art store.


2023 Group Exhibition, WXw3 Exhibition, NFT FACTORY Gallery, NFT.Paris Event, Paris

2023 Group Exhibition, WXw3 Exhibition, The Glass Ceiling NoMad, NFT.NYC event, NYC

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